Seminars and Events

Seminars & Events

  • NITA's Deposition Skills: New Orleans

    April 26-28, 2017 

    Attorney Lisa A. Marcy will be speaking at NITA's Deposition Skills Program in New Orleans. 

    Depositions set the stage for success or failure at trial. Prepared lawyers who use the right techniques gather information, secure admissions, and confirm theories that set the foundation for successful motions, persuasive settlement tactics, and more effective and efficient trial presentations. NITA’s Deposition Skills Program puts you in a realistic deposition setting where you discover and master techniques while finding a style that best suits your personality.

    NITA’s proven methods will let you explore and master tried and true best practices in both taking and defending depositions. Using cutting-edge techniques developed by NITA, you will:

    • Learn to take & defend a winning deposition

    • Understand the FOUR purposes of a deposition

    • Practice exhausting a witness’s knowledge using NITA’s “Funnel Technique”

    • Learn how set testimony in stone

    • Practice laying document foundations

    • Learn direct and cross examination techniques

    • Master handling difficult witnesses and obstreperous counsel

    • Practice making and handling objections

    • Become comfortable with being uncomfortable

    • Learn essential persuasion science principles

    • Learn and practice how to prep a witness

    *Qualifies as one credit toward the NITA Advocate Designation

    You may also be interested in staying in New Orleans after the program concludes, as the 2017 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival begins on April 28th. Everyone registered for this program by April 14th will be entered to win a pair of tickets!

    Further details and registration can be found here

  • Everything You Don't Know About E-Discovery (But Wish You Did)

    May 24, 2017

    Attorney Lisa A. Marcy will be speaking at NBI's "Everything You Don't Know About E-Discovery (But Wish You Did) in Salt Lake City. 

    Get all the Tools You'll Need for Effective E-Discovery

    This practical start-to-finish e-discovery guide provides a fresh look at the latest and best-kept secrets to mining online and other digital data for the "non-techy" attorney. Filled with practical how-to's, screenshots and tactics, this course has the ability to place you head and shoulders above your colleagues. Get ahead of the e-discovery curve; equip yourself with the latest strategies to reduce costs; fully understand the latest rules, regulations and risks; and get practical tech advice you can actually understand and use. This course is jam-packed with invaluable tips, best-kept secrets and tactics from expert attorneys that have perfected this crucial step in the litigation process. Don't waste any more time and money on the stresses that surround electronic discovery - register today!

    • Get practical tech advice that you can actually use.
    • Prepare for changes to e-discovery coming from FRCP amendments and state law.
    • Learn common e-discovery mistakes made by attorneys when gathering electronically stored information (ESI).
    • Explore the latest ethical challenges you need to avoid.
    • Find out how to use email, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube evidence effectively and ethically in the courtroom.
    • Discover easy and simple tricks for keeping down the costs without weakening the case.
    • Learn the top e-discovery issues to avoid in the courtroom.
    • Equip yourself with the best websites and resources for gathering evidence online.
    • Find new tactics to make your online evidence usable in the courtroom

    Further details and registration can be found here

  • Equal Employment Laws (Title VII, ADEA, GINA, EPA, PDA, and More)

    June 13, 2017

    Attorney Victoria B. Finlinson will be speaking on "Equal Employment Laws (Title VII, ADEA, GINA, EPA, PDA, and More)" at the National Business Institute Seminar on Utah Employment Law. 

    Further details and registration can be found here.  

  • Narcissism In The Law: Identifying Difficult People and Counteracting their Destruction

    March 8, 2017

    Attorney Lisa A. Marcy will be speaking at the State Bar of Georgia's ICLE "Narcissism in the Law: Identifying Difficult People and Counteracting their Destruction" in Atlanta, Georgia. 

    Registration and further details can be found here

  • A Primer on Advising Directors and Officers on Corporate Governance

    June 27, 2017

    Attorney Brian A. Lebrecht will be speaking at NBI's "A Primer on Advising Directors and Officers on Corporate Governance" in Salt Lake City. 

    Directors and officers in both privately held and publicly traded companies face significant financial constraints and increased liabilities. They must continuously demonstrate effective programs and efficient spending while under continued pressure from government agencies, watchdog groups and funders. Directors and officers need to ensure their governance and management practices leave no room for legal or financial error, and effectively advance the organization's purpose. This fundamental course examines the duties and obligations of directors and officers and the liabilities associated with their roles. Be a knowledgeable advisor on potential risks, identify issues proactively and recommend policies and practices to minimize liability and maximize effectiveness. Don't miss this opportunity to cover your client's bases - register today!

    • Review federal and state laws, as well as recent case law and IRS initiatives.
    • Learn baseline obligations of directors and officers.
    • Keep your clients in compliance by fully understanding powers, duties and liabilities under state law.
    • Stay up to date on initiatives, regulatory actions and new standards that affect tax-exempt organizations.
    • Walk through the lifecycle, examining the governance issues that can arise involving fiduciary duties, management practices, conflicts of interest and executive compensation.
    • Analyze best practices and protocols for self-protection of directors and officers.
    • Gain a better understanding of D&O liability insurance and exclusions to be wary of.
    • Examine top liabilities, including compensation issues, business transactions, intellectual property, contracts and more.

    Further details, including registration, can be found here


  • NITA's Building Trial Skills: New Orleans

    Febuary 5th-7th, 2017

    Attorney Lisa A. Marcy will be directing NITA's "Building Trial Skills" in New Orleans. 

    As a participant in Building Trial Skills, you will use NITA's "learning-by-doing" method to learn, practice and perfect your skills in all of the challenging arts of trial advocacy, persuasion, and communication.

    In a realistic trial setting, you will function as a trial lawyer by performing:

    - Opening statements and closing arguments

    - Direct and cross-examinations (both constructive and destructive)

    - Impeachment and redirect examaminations

    - Evidentiary foundations

    - Modern voir dire

    The learning-by-doing exercises are supplemented by innovative lectures and trial demonstrations by the faculty. Following your live and digitally recorded performances, you will be given instant feedback and critique (not criticism) from the renowned national NITA faculty of master advocates and trainers under the direction of Dominic Gianna, one of America\'s finest trial lawyers and most dynamic teachers of advocacy.

    You will learn verbal, non-verbal, and visual communication techniques while practicing the art of thinking and communicating on your feet, without notes. The program concludes with a full jury trial. You will perform as trial counsel before a real jury and will get the unique opportunity to see and hear the jurors deliberate via closed circuit TV. Thereafter, you have the opportunity to ask the jurors questions and hear their feedback. This feature is unique to NITA trial programs.

    The program qualifies for approx. 49 hours of CLE credit, including Ethics and Professionalism. 


    You can register online here or call 800-225-6482