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Our Story

The firm that evolved into Clyde Snow & Sessions was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1949 by Edward W. Clyde. Over the years, the firm has had various names and partners. However, at the firm’s core, Ed Clyde laid the foundation of what Clyde Snow & Sessions is today.

Mr. Clyde had a prominent legal career in natural resources and environmental law. He represented the State of Utah in the negotiations of the Upper Colorado River Compact and was the attorney for the State Engineer for several years. He also served on the Utah Land Board and Utah Board of Oil Gas & Mining, was Chairman of the Utah Constitutional Revision Commission, and was a special consultant to the National Water Commission and National Advisory Council on Public Lands.

Ed Clyde published extensively in legal journals on natural resource law and policy issues. He served as the attorney for Salt Lake County Water Conservancy District and the Central Utah Water Conservancy District. In addition to his legal career, he had a lifelong association with the University of Utah. Ed also served first as a faculty member in the College of Law and later with the University’s governing board from 1964 through 1981. For twelve years, he was Chairman of the Institutional Council and oversaw much of the growth of the University. Mr. Clyde passed away in 1991, but his legacy lives on within our firm, with his son Steven E. Clyde and grandson Jonathon Clyde as members of the firm. Steve and Jon continue to make waves within the Utah water community.

In 1990, Rodney G. Snow became a partner with Ed’s firm just before his passing. His experience working with the Attorney General’s office helped build the firm’s white-collar crime practice. Before joining the firm, Mr. Snow began his career as an attorney for the Air Quality Division of E.P.A. in 1971. After three years, Rod accepted a position with the U.S. Attorney’s office in Salt Lake City. Five years later, he joined Ed Clyde. Rod’s son, Christopher Snow, continues Rod’s legacy through his own practice at our firm. He has been an integral part to growing our Labor & Employment practice group.

In1998, Clark Sessions‘ private practice merged with Clyde Snow, forming Clyde Snow & Sessions. Clark was an esteemed lawyer, having graduated from law school at The U in 1962. Fresh out of law school, he worked as legal counsel for an insurance company. After a few years, he went into private practice, primarily handling high-asset divorce cases, business litigation, and civil litigation. Now, Clark’s grandson, Nickolas Sessions, continues on his legacy, practicing in high asset divorce law.

Our Values

At Clyde Snow & Sessions, we have built our foundation on three values:


At Clyde Snow & Sessions, we work hard. But family life is important to us. We want our team to be healthy, happy, and truly enjoy what they do for a living. When employees are encouraged to balance their work and personal lives, they experience reduced stress and risk of burnout. By valuing balance, we enhance creativity and the ability to manage challenges effectively.


Upholding integrity ensures that our advice is honest, our actions are transparent, and our commitment is unwavering. It fosters trust in our relationships with clients and our staff. Integrity is just as vital in our workplace as it is in the courtroom. Upholding integrity ensures that we operate with transparency and honesty, both internally and externally, cultivating credibility and our positive reputation for over 70 years in business.


In everything we do, we provide, act, and speak with the utmost respect. At Clyde Snow & Sessions, we want only the best for our clients and team. Respect means valuing every voice, regardless of background or position, and treating each individual with dignity and consideration. We actively listen to understand and approach disagreements with civility.

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Our Team

At Clyde Snow & Sessions, we hand pick legal minds who not only possess a profound knowledge of the law, but who also mirror our firm’s values, bringing balance, integrity, and respect to every case. Our team doesn’t just represent our clients, they represent a legacy of trust and unmatched expertise.