Ms. Lewis focuses her practice on natural resources issues, primarily water law. She has worked with both individual rural water users and organized water entities to settle or litigate complex water disputes. Previous to joining Clyde Snow, Ms. Lewis represented the Utah State Engineer in comprehensive Water Rights General Adjudications across the... state. More

Water bills, water bills, water bills! Creating water policy in Utah.

Water bills, water bills, water bills!  I've written a mini-article in response to today's Salt Lake Tribune article regarding the process for creating water policy here in Utah.  It's encouraging to see such active public dialogue about water - let us hope it leads to well-informed and vetted water law.  Read more here.  


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Stepping Up: Corporations Navigating the New Normal of Climate Change

By Emily E. Lewis and Reagan L. B. Desmond 

For many businesses, the once far-off impacts of climate change are beginning to affect the bottom line. Drought, pollution, declining natural resources, and migrating populations are increasingly disrupting global business practices. These new dynamics are forcing those in charge to rethink what constitutes savvy business. Increasingly, companies are conducting, and shareholders and investors are demanding, sustainability assessments that not only protect a company’s profit margin, but proactively protect the Earth.

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Utah Water Law 2018 Legislative Preview

 The 2018 Legislative Session is set to begin on January 22, 2018. Here is a brief update and analysis of key water bills to watch. Most of this year’s bills make minor changes to existing law and are generally administrative in nature. However, two numbered Bills HB124 and BH135, have potentially large impacts to Utah water law and should be watched closely. A yet unnumbered bill regarding Canal Relocation will also have on the ground impacts for water developers and water companies.

Please be following Clyde Snow for timely information as the 2018 Legislative Session progress and for general movements in Utah Water Law.

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