Ripple Effect 41: The Water Tower

This is a recipe for success. Kristan VandenHeuval of The Water Tower in Buford, Georgia, walks us through their “ecosystem of innovation.” Kristan and her team are building a novel and impactful approach to supporting smaller scale utilities and helping the surrounding communities succeed.

Ripple Effect 40: From Mars and Life Itself

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN conversation with Bonnie Baxter, Professor of Biology and Director of the Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College. Bonnie talks about several key Institute programs, including their partnership with NASA to explore microbial links between the Great Salt Lake and Mars. Be prepared to stretch your mind.  

Ripple Effect 39: What’s Up With Wetlands?

Diane Munez, Stated Wetland Coordinator with Utah Geologic Survey discusses all the importance of wetlands and her role in mapping. assessing, and understanding Utah’s wetland environments. Great context for why and how information about wetlands can be used to inform decision making.  

Ripple Effect 37: Law of the River – Speed Edition!

A MUST listen fast paced talk with Jason Robison, Professor and Writer of all things Colorado River. Jason gives a fantastic overview of the history of the Colorado River Compact, various highlights and key pieces of the Law of the River, where we are going and what to expect. Jason brings a wonderful perspective from…

Ripple Effect 35: Conservation as Catalyst

Keith Larson and Thayne Clark of Bowen Collins bring it home with a great discussion on the Bear River Project and the role of conservation on informing and potentially delaying the need for large scale infrastructure projects. Great discussion with two incredibly knowledgeable individuals. Watch their Great Salt Lake Advisory Council Presentation from 9.9.2020 here….