Ripple Effect 11: The Future of Water Distribution

A discussion with Jay Humphrey of Emery Water Conservancy District and Amy Green from the Rural Water Technology Alliance unpacking what it takes to measure and monitor a large scale distribution system. This is the future – a must listen.

Ripple Effect 08: Including Climate Change

Brian McInerney, recently retired Hydrologist for the National Weather Service, breaks down climate projections for Utah, his work with the Utah Climate Project, and the importance of including objective climate science in water management and planning.

Ripple Effect 07: Financing the Future

Emily Lewis sits down with John Crandall – Managing Director of Stifel’s Public Finance Team and return guest Laura Briefer – Director of SLC Department of Public Utilities. A timely and informative episode on the impacts of COVID-19 disruptions for municipal water rates and water infrastructure funding.

Ripple Effect 05: Bang for Your Buck

Utah Agricultural Water Optimization Task Force – A discussion with Rep. Tim Hawkes and Jeff DenBleyker of Jacobs Engineering on the formation, purpose, and practices of the Task Force. Highlights include why focusing on agricultural water efficiencies is critical to solving Utah’s water growing water demand and how to make those practices benefit local producers.