Ripple Effect 94: Bear River Canal Company

Trevor Neilson, General Manager for the Bear River Canal Company, talks us through BRCC’s 7 million dollar modernization project and the flexibility it will provide to BRCC shareholders in meeting future conditions. Very informative conversation.  

Ripple Effect 93: Western Water Market Update

Kristina Ribellia, Founder and President of Western Water Market, gives us an update of their activities over the last year. Kristina fills us in on her new water auction platform designed to facilitate a water bank in Yakima Valley.  

Ripple Effect 89: Evaluating Conserved Consumptive Use in the Upper Colorado

A collaborative discussion with Dr. Perry Cabot of Colorado State University, Aaron Derwingson of The Nature Conservancy’s Colorado River Program, and Paul Bruchez, Farmer and Member of the Colorado Water Conservation Board discuss their large-scale depletion accounting pilot project. We discuss the role of Open ET satellite imaging to determine actual evaporative losses from crops…

Ripple Effect 88: New Mexico Milkmaid

Tara Vander Dussen, Co-Owner of Elevate Ag., walks us through the operations and regulatory state for running a commercial dairy. We also discuss the need for effective story telling and communication about the importance of agriculture and building a broader understanding for its role in the water community.  

Ripple Effect 87: Water Asset Advising

A great discussion with Nicola Lei Ravello, Responsible Investment Analyst of White Stag Investing. A continuation of our conversation on water in financial markets. To listen to our other episodes on this topic check out: Ripple Effect 85: ESG Reporting and Water Ripple Effect 70: Corporate Water Stewardship  

Ripple Effect 86: Water Banking Writ Large

Free roaming discussion with Todd Votteler (Editor-in-Chief, Texas Water Journal, Host of Talk + Water Podcast, Owner of Collaborative Water Resolution) about the initiation of Texas’s review of water banking and water marketing programs. Todd provides some interesting insights into the complexity of Texas groundwater laws and the history of the Edwards Aquifer. A good working dialogue about unpacking what…