Ripple Effect 27: Change for the Better

Fantastic and timely discussion with Dr. Danya Rumore, Director of the Wallace Stegner Center’s Environmental Dispute Resolution Program. Dr. Rumore discusses the need for collaborative efforts to resolve complicated problems and how to move toward a shared vision for the future.  

Ripple Effect 26: Easing the Way Ahead

Crystal Simons of the American Conservation Experience discusses the importance and function of conservation easements as a means of private land conservation and potential applications to the water field.

Ripple Effect 21: River City

Soren Simonsen Executive Director of the Jordan River Commission discusses the importance of vibrant urban water ways and the Commission’s efforts to revitalize the Jordan River corridor.

Ripple Effect 20: Risky Business

Chris Peacock Founder and CEO of AquaOso Technology breaks down his water risk platform and how it is paving the way for better decision making and collaboration. A MUST listen.

Ripple Effect 19: A Quality Conversation

Erica Gaddis breaks down her role as the Director of the Utah Division of Water Quality and the Division’s top priorities for the future. Low impact development, nutrient plans, and wastewater treatment upgrades all play a critical role in protecting the State’s waters.  

Ripple Effect 18: Water Banking

A discussion with Emily Lewis, Utah Water Banking Project Manager, about the Utah Water Banking Project and state wide water marketing report. This educational discussion is intended to inform water users about the status of the project and initial considerations for thinking about potentially developing a water bank in your area.