Ripple Effect 101: Common Good Water, LLC

Val Fishman, Chief Development Officer of Common Good Water talks us through their innovative implementation of sub-surface drip irrigation systems. By combining infrastructure, ongoing service connections, and corporate sustainability credits Common Good is creating long term water savings for California Central Valley alfalfa farmers and beyond.  

Ripple Effect 100: Klamath Drainage District

Reagan Desmond walks us through the complicated and complex world of the Klamath Basin. From Endangered Species actions, to water quality issues, to drought, the Klamath is a microcosm of the larger water world. Fantastic discussion!!  

Ripple Effect 99: Waterless Data Centers

Wes Sorensen CEO of Novva Data Centers talks us through data centers as utilities, the traditionally large water footprint for such centers, and Novva’s unique approach to waterless data centers. A fascinating discussion!  

Ripple Effect 96: Joint Bear River Planning Model

Jake Serago, water resources engineer with the Division of Water Resources, shares with us his passion and knowledge of the Joint Bear River Planning Model. We get a unique glimpse at the possibilities that arise when technology and legal structures combine and how they can help inform water appropriation decisions for a better future  

Ripple Effect 95: Water Tower 2

We check back in with Kristan VandenHeuval of The Water Tower in Buford, Georgia, about their innovative campus approach to building the local “water ecosystem.” Through a mix of research, community engagement, and technology investment the Water Tower attracts, trains, and connects local water professionals.  

Ripple Effect 94: Bear River Canal Company

Trevor Neilson, General Manager for the Bear River Canal Company, talks us through BRCC’s 7 million dollar modernization project and the flexibility it will provide to BRCC shareholders in meeting future conditions. Very informative conversation.  

Ripple Effect 93: Western Water Market Update

Kristina Ribellia, Founder and President of Western Water Market, gives us an update of their activities over the last year. Kristina fills us in on her new water auction platform designed to facilitate a water bank in Yakima Valley.