Ripple Effect 82: Atmospheric Water Harvesting

Dr. Anjali Mulchandani, Assistant Professor at University of New Mexico and leader of their Water and Environmental Resource Sustainability Group, walks us through what atmospheric water harvesting is, how it works, where it works, and the potential it holds for the future. A fascinating discussion! To check out more of Anajli’s work visit her Google Scholar profile…

Ripple Effect 81: What Does a Water Lawyer Do?

Host Emily E. Lewis, Director & Shareholder, Co-Chair of Clyde Snow’s Natural Resources and Water Law Practice Group, has a great discussion with Graham Gilbert, Partner at Parsons, Behle & Latimer, about the bread and butter of a water law practice. They discuss the wide variety of topics a water lawyer interacts with and the…

Ripple Effect 80: Provo River Commissioner

Great discussion with Scott Bergendorf about his role as the Provo River Commissioner . We discuss the brass tacks of water distribution as well as barriers and opportunities for addressing distribution challenges. Very helpful discussion about a key element of Utah water law and management.  

Ripple Effect 79: Ag. Optimization Task Force 2.0

Niel Allen, Professor Emeritus and Matt Yost, Agro-Climate Extension Specialist and Director of Crops at Utah State University, give us an update on the Utah Agricultural Water Optimization Task Force. We talk through some of the Tasks Force’s findings and preliminary recommendations.  We also discuss the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food’s Ag. Water Optimization…

Ripple Effect Rewind! – Power for the People

This week we are revisiting an earlier episode that is still highly relevant to today’s water discussion. We are looking back on the discussion of episode 14: Power for the People; Sorenson Engineering walks us through the benefits, considerations, and potential for small hydroelectric facilities in canal and distribution systems.

Ripple Effect 76: Welcome 2022!

Jeff DenBleyker of Jacobs Engineering joins Emily Lewis to discuss highlights from 2021 and trends and themes for 2022.   More information on topics talked about in this episode can be found in the previous episodes below: Matt Yost – Episode 66: Agricultural Efficiencies Moleaer – Episode 61: Nanobubbles Will Blow Your Mind!

Ripple Effect 75: Grant Funding for Water Projects

Tia Cavendar, Founder and CEO of Dig Deep Research walks us through her company’s proprietary process of matching local water suppliers with grant funding opportunities. By taking a holistic look at a water supplier’s funding needs and grant opportunities Dig Deep makes sustainable funding plans for its clients. A seriously helpful service!