Keeping Current: Clyde Snow Policy Recommendations featured prominently at the Utah Legislature’s Great Salt Lake Summit

Today the Utah House of Representatives hosted a special summit on the Great Salt Lake to discuss and identify specific policy actions to protect critical Lake levels. Among the identified policies, the summit identified “Legal Strategies for the Great Salt Lake,” prepared by Clyde Snow and Jacobs Engineering for the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council, as one of the key policy documents to guide future action. The Strategies document assessed 12 strategies for bringing water to the Lake, including three foundational strategies addressing complicated and nuanced elements of Utah water law. To learn more about Clyde Snow’s Strategy recommendations and the Advisory Council’s work follow the links below.

Kudos to the Utah Legislature on beginning to tackle one of the  world’s “wickedest” water problems! Clyde Snow looks forward to continued dialogue about the Great Salt Lake and assisting our clients in realizing their water policy goals. An exciting way to start 2022!