Clyde Snow Supports "Christmas Store" Sponsored by Guadalupe Schools

Attorneys and staff at Clyde Snow donated time and money to purchase items for the Guadalupe Schools’ Christmas Store, making it possible for parents of families living below the poverty line in the Salt Lake area to obtain Christmas gifts for their children. Several members of the firm also volunteered on the day of the event by providing free gift wrap to customers, serving hot chocolate, and helping to run the store.

On Saturday, December 20, 2008, parents from more than 150 familes came to the "Christmas Store," which had been stocked with everything from Barbies and blankets to skateboards and soccer balls. The parents each received vouchers, based on the number of children in their families, which enabled them to select and “purchase” toys, games, clothing, and other gifts for their children.

Guadalupe Schools is an independent, non-profit organization providing economically disadvantaged children and non-English speaking adults in Salt Lake City the education and skills needed to live productive, rewarding lives. To learn more about the Guadalupe Schools visit