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Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights

We represent parties in all facets of Chapter 11 reorganization and Chapter 7 liquidation cases under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Our clients benefit from our extensive depth and experience representing debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, creditors’ committees, shareholders, asset purchasers, lenders, and trustees and examiners in all aspects of business reorganization cases. We have extensive experience in such areas as: (a) successfully assisting large debtors reorganize and emerge from bankruptcy as healthy organizations, able to pay prior and current debt; and (b) assisting creditors and other interested parties maintain and assert their rights against debtors in bankruptcy in a variety of situations. We routinely assist secured creditors in maintaining their rights to their collateral, obtaining approval to foreclose as necessary, and to get paid at the time of sale. We aggressively assist unsecured creditors in asserting any and all priorities they are entitled to under the bankruptcy code, with the goal of increased payout and a quicker resolution of their claims. We also represent equity holders of companies who have declared bankruptcy to obtain the best results possible through the bankruptcy process. As necessary, we draw upon the talents of lawyers who are knowledgeable in related areas such as tax, real estate, corporate law, securities and environmental regulation.

Bankruptcy Services

  • Secured and unsecured creditor, individual and corporate debtor and debtor-in-possession, trustee and committee representation in all aspects of Chapter 11 proceedings
  • Prosecuting and defending bankruptcy-related causes of action, such as preferences, fraudulent transfers, lien avoidance actions and non-dischargeability claims
  • Prosecuting and defending relief from stay motions, cash collateral motions and adequate protection proceedings
  • Providing and obtaining debtor-in-possession financing
  • Negotiating, objecting to and prosecuting plans of reorganization
  • Prosecuting and defending claim objections
  • Seeking appointments of trustees and examiners

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