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Our lawyers are highly trained in communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, so that we can help you get what you need – practically, legally and in a way that respects the relationships you have built. We tailor our approach to meet your unique needs.

Our firm offers direct legal consultation, mediation, negotiation and collaborative practice options. We will explain your choices and ensure you understand your legal rights and obligations. We will help you identify your needs and priorities, and work with you to design the best solutions for your family’s situation.

Services Offered

At Clyde Snow, we focus on families in whatever form, whether that is married couples with or without children, cohabiting couples with or without children, or blended families. Our team provides legal and dispute resolution services where relationships matter. We know getting good results means finding solutions that address the emotional, financial and practical needs of your family. Our focus is on you and the unique circumstances facing your family at a difficult time.

When you work with Clyde Snow, you have access to the diverse skills of our team – including family mediation, negotiation, collaborative practice, and, if needed,  litigation – to resolve issues including:

Parenting Plans: We respect that children are raised to thrive in many types of family configurations. Our role is to guide you through the discussion and decision-making process that will lead to a parenting plan that meets the unique needs of your family. We will draft the legal documents you need in order to formalize the arrangements you choose.

Child and Spousal Support: Support issues can be complicated and need to be handled with careful attention to your family’s unique situation. We take a comprehensive and practical approach to support questions, and we ensure that you consider all of the financial impacts, including how you will address changing circumstances.

Assets and Debts: Most people want to be fair about how they divide assets and debts after separation, but people usually have different ideas about what is fair. We will help you understand family property law, explore your needs and interests, and help you craft a solution that works for you and your family – now and into the future.

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